• "The makers?" echoed Arthur.15. April und 6. Mai 2021online

    Die Konferenz fr Python in Business, Web und DevOps

    Die enterPy bringt dich auf den neusten Stand was Python im Unternehmenseinsatz angeht: Alles Wichtige von den Details und Funktionen der Programmiersprache ber Web-Programmierung, Data Science und Testing bis zum DevOps Tooling.

    "Then the real acting of the piece began, and I wished ever so much that it had been in English, so that I could understand it. The story was a supernatural one, and there were badgers and foxes in it, and they had a woman changed to a badger, and the badger to a woman again. Gentlemen who are familiar with Japanese theatres say there are many of these stories, like our Little Red Riding-hood, and other fairy tales, acted on the stage, and that the play we saw is one of the most popular, and is called 'Bumbuku Chagama,' or 'The Bubbling Teapot.' One gentleman has shown me a translation of it, and I will put it in here, just to show you what a Japanese fairy story is like.Die zwei Thementage der enterPy 2021 stehen jetzt als Video-on-Demand-Pakete zur Verfgung.


    • Softwareentwicklerinnen und Softwareenwickler
    • Softwarearchitektinnen und Softwarearchitekten
    • DevOps-Expertinnen und -Experten
    • Data Scientists/Analysts/Engineers
    • ML-Expertinnen und -Experten
    • Web-Programmiererinnen und -programmierer
    • Testspezialistinnen und -spezialisten
    • Embedded-Programmiererinnen und -programmierer


    • Python-Grundlagen und Deep Dives
    • Praktische Beispiele fr (Enterprise-)Anwendungen
    • Web-Programmierung
    • Machine Learning / Deep Learning / KI
    • Datenanalyse / Data Science
    • Sicherheits- und Performanceaspekte
    • Testen / Scripten / Prototyping
    • Tools & Prozesse, DevOps, Architektur...


    • Wissen aneignen, einfach und sicher von Zuhause oder aus dem Bro
    • Teilnahme per Browser, keine Installation von sonstiger Software ntig
    • Fragerunden per Chat und Video mit den Referentinnen und Referenten
    • Wissensaustausch mit Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern per Chat oder Video
    • Im Nachgang alle Vortrge als Videos und alle Prsentationen
    • Ganztages-Workshops


    "We found another fine bridge on this part of the road, and our guide said it was called the 'Bridge of the Cloudy Hills,' because the clouds frequently hung over the hills in the distance. The Chinese are very fond[Pg 384] of fanciful names for their bridges and temples, and frequently the name has very little to do with the structure itself. I am told that there is a bridge in the south of China with exactly the same name as this, and not far from it is another called the 'Bridge of the Ten Thousand Ages.' We have seen the 'Temple of Golden Happiness' and the 'Bridge of Long Repose.' We shall be on the lookout for the 'Temple of the Starry Firmament,' and probably shall not be long in finding it. Strange that a people so practical as the Chinese should have so much poetry in their language!I said with genuine warmth that if he would give me that man's name--etc.Sie mchten ber den enterPy
    auf dem Laufenden gehalten werden?


    I took my weapon into my bridle-hand by the barrel and began to draw from my bosom the empty envelope addressed Coralie Rothvelt. At the same time I let my horse move forward again, while I still listened backward with my brain as busy as a mill. Was there here no hidden succor? Was that no part of Ned Ferry's plan--if the plan was his? Were those villains waiting yet, up at the ford? I could hear nothing at my back but the singing of innumerable birds.Anmelden


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