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    We work across a wide range of industries and applications, utilizing innovative methods to best serve our clients needs.

    Part of the employee-owned GeoRadar Group
    gpr utility locating

    With major offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Fort St John & Toronto, we offer industry leading expertise across a huge range of surveying projects

    V.Our experienced team provide solutions to clients across the Civil Engineering, Energy, Geotechnical, Archaeological and Environmental sectors, with the ability to seamlessly handle projects both large and small.

    Such was his initiation into Indian winter life. Passing over numerous adventures by water and land, we find the party, on the twelfth of November, leaving their canoes on an island, and wading 25 ashore at low tide over the flats to the southern bank of the St. Lawrence. As two other bands had joined them, their number was increased to forty-five persons. Now, leaving the river behind, they entered those savage highlands whence issue the springs of the St. John,a wilderness of rugged mountain-ranges, clad in dense, continuous forests, with no human tenant but this troop of miserable rovers, and here and there some kindred band, as miserable as they. Winter had set in, and already dead Nature was sheeted in funereal white. Lakes and ponds were frozen, rivulets sealed up, torrents encased with stalactites of ice; the black rocks and the black trunks of the pine-trees were beplastered with snow, and its heavy masses crushed the dull green boughs into the drifts beneath. The forest was silent as the grave.As an employee owned company, we take pride in what we do. We take pride in our precision, our quality of work and our customer’s experiences. Safety and customer satisfaction will always be our priority, and we will work with you comprehensively to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standards. Visit our projects page to see some case studies, or our blog page to hear from our technicians.

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    We're a fast growing employee owned company with offices in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Hamilton, Fort St John, and Courtenay.

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